Stefan Lucut

“For me, graphic design in no more than expressing life as I feel it. "Free, colorful and in huge daily doses." "Freestyle.Color.Overdose."


Stefan Lucut is 21 years old and he is from Ploiesti/ Romania, now based in Timisoara/Romania. In 2000 he won a painting contest and 8 computers for his gymnasium school. Rita Badulescu is his first teacher who guided and supported him and his graphic designer abilities. He successfully finishes Architecture High School. In his second year at Art University in Timisoara, Stefan is now working as a freelancer, and he tries to fill the image-goals with his vision about good taste image. At this moment, Stefan is a full member of the eclectic artist community, Depthcore ( He also is the owner of the electric design portal Etcetering (



115 digital art gallery (exhibition); ProTV (interview); etcetering (interview); sezonalafective (magazine); web designers (magazine); ntmy (online); newstoday (online); lounge72 (online).

What would he do if he could travel the world

"Stefan could be our next digital art ambassador. His recent support in April 2007 for the opening of the first digital art gallery in Eastern Europe, "115" where more than 90 artists from more than 30 countries came to show thier art, is more than eloquent. The gallery, unique in Romania, is still up and running. It is "a search of today's classics of tomorrow" and wants to discover young talents as well as put into light the varied work of more consacrated artists. I believe Stefan has a tremendous ability to be visionary in his work and lead us where we are now uncapable to dream of. He deserves the propulsion of an organization who can put into the public eye his exquisite talent. There are many galleries around the world which would be proud to have his art. Just fancy yourself collaborating with him, he's amazing in the discipline with which he treats his art. I envision for him a bright future and in the medium to long run a world known success." Monica Gheorghiu, International Relations Representative, IRSCA Gifted Education.


Contact details

Timisoara, Romania

Telephone number: +40 724 068 739



MSN: russet_man

Feel free to contact me for commissions, collaborations or whatever you want from me. Chat is also cool sometime.


IRSCA Gifted Education, member of excellence



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